Carrier IDC

Data center construction has shifted from resource-driven to value-driven. ROI has become the core concern of carrier IDC services. Since global carbon neutrality becomes a consensus, industry policy makers drive carriers to save energy and minimize carbon footprint. Building a green data center with optimum ROI is vital for IDC business.


ROI and PUE: ROI improved by 8-10 months; PUE as low as 1.2 @Beijing, China
Prefabricated modular DC: Modular design and prefabrication shorten TTM by 50%+;green engineering, recyclable building material
FusionPower: Space reduced by over 40%, more IT cabinets can be deployed; E2E efficiency up to 97.8% @S-ECO mode, reducing the PLF by about 0.03
EHU: Maximize the use of natural cold air, iCooling enables intelligent energy optimization, reducing the CLF by about 0.1, and cutting WUE by 40%

Carrier ICT Equipment Room

Carriers' network cloud transformation has prompted the upgrade, expansion, and modernization of a large number of medium-sized and small-sized equipment rooms. The issues of high energy consumption and difficult O&M of the existing equipment rooms are the top concerns for carriers.


Prefabricated modular DC:
Smart modular DC:


Simple: Modular design and prefabrication enable fast delivery, and on-demand deployment, meeting ICT service development requirements
Green: In-row natural cooling with high cooling capacity results in certified ultimate PUE as low as 1.111@ Beijing

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