DigiPowerCloud is an energy internet and digital energy management platform that enables customers to realize intelligent low-carbon management in home, campus, ICT, county, and city scenarios. It integrates energy generation, grids, loads, and storage and promotes the digitalization of carbon management with ecosystem partners.


Countries and regions


Application developers



1 million+


Open Ecosystem

SaaS Ecosystem

Providing atomic service invocation capability and an efficient low-code development platform to enable rapid construction of ecological applications and reuse in multiple scenarios

aPaaS Ecosystem

Providing open original aPaaS energy services and cloud-native capabilities for building an industry aPaaS platform with ecosystem partners

IoT Ecosystem

Providing a cloud-based IoT platform and access methods for different equipment manufacturers, and enabling the deep mining of energy consumption data value through data fusion

Scenario Solutions

Low Carbon Home

Realizing unified intelligent management of household devices and live a green low-carbon life

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Low Carbon Campus

Providing visible, manageable and optimal campus-level low-carbon solutions to help customers save energy and reduce carbon emissions

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Low Carbon ICT

Optimizing energy efficiency with AI to build simple, green, and intelligent next-generation ICT infrastructure

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Low Carbon County

Enabling county governments and enterprise customers to achieve total energy equipment management and efficient carbon reduction, and accelerating county and rural revitalization

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Low Carbon City

Providing a comprehensive solution for carbon and energy control to help city managers efficiently implement carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals

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